“So I forgive what was taken from me…”

I have been doing nothing particular useful with my life as of lately. Been like this for over a year, or more.

I haven’t even write anything. I have some ideas, but I just feel terribly lazy.

Some days ago, on May the 31st the MS Day was celebrated. The theme for this last day was #LifeWithMS

For me it was specially important, because I get to have lived my life with this diagnose for over 10 years. There has been some general decline, I feel weaker and it has costed me dearly regarding jobs, but I am as good as it gets. The damn Fatigue that only gets harder with hot weather has been merciless…
At least I can say I have no pain, I am still able to enjoy life small pleasures, I have found love again. And not only that, I am getting married.

He has been by my side for years as a dear friend, and now he is a pretty precious person to me, staying near during my Father passing and some of my health complications. He even learnt how to apply my shots and thus has become a really strong support in my life and my health.

I know my health won’t ever be better, but at least I am keeping myself as healthy as possible. I will try to keep my spirit high, so I distract myself in books and movies and some other things that make me happy.

With some luck I will find a job that does not gets me spent and stressed.

I guess I can only be thankful to the MD that have helped me mantain in good shape. To my Mother, she has always been there for me. To this guy of mine, who cares. To my friends, that make me happy every time I see them.

I can only be thankful for every new day. Because it’s another opportunity to live life.

We have managed 10 years, let’s go for 10 more, 20 more, many more.

There is no Fear. There is no Rage.

There’s only Hope for a better, happier Future.

And I slightly despise my optimism. Doesn’t suit me. Heh.

Have a nice week. I’d try to keep on writing more often.



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