“Once I was searchin’ for somethin’ to change my Ways…”

Well, hello there. It’s been a while.
I’m glad a lot of people seems to be checking my space these days. At least I’m getting popular, ‘cause I get a lot of Spaces Friend Invites. Weird thing is when I get those from people who just saw my profile tile and says stuff like "OMG you’re so smexy, wanna be Interwebz friends?". But I dislike that they don’t even check the blog entries or lists and keep asking me to send pics…
Anyhoo. I was saying it’s been a while. I was kinda down. I’ve been down, but these days I’m really feeling stronger.
I’ve lost a lot of stuff. I’ve cut myself from family and friends. I’m not sure why.
But there are people who’ve always been by my side, and they won’t let me down.
Just a couple days ago I talked with my life partner, and he told me he’s there for me, but that I was being blind.
I just got back to work… AGAIN. But this time I mean to finish the pending hours.
Cut my hair boy-short. It looks cute, fluffy, but cute. A friend of mine told me he doesn’t like girls with short hair, ‘cause long hair is sexy. But even ‘though I like my hair long, the weather’s being so hot, and I believe the person is the one who’s sexy. There are people who can pull it up (being sexy) even in pajamas or sweatpants.
So now I felt like writing a little, even if I don’t have much to say.
Ah, learnt how to shot myself properly. It doesn’t hurt that much, you just need to be relaxed in a place where you feel comfortable, and have everything handy, the alcohol-soaked cotton, the dry cotton, the needles. It’s about getting used to it. Everything in life is about getting used to changes, I guess.
Gotta go now. Hope everyone who reads this is doing ok. Thanks for reading.