“See you at the Bitter End.”

Esta es… no sé. Algo que se me vino a la mente de repente. Tenía que escribirlo. Al principio no sabía qué era. Pensé que se trataba de mi. Pero no exactamente. Se trata de Ella.
So there she was. Just sitting silently, watching everything around her, the time passing by, the birds singing, children playing.  Couples holding hands.
So there she was, just waiting. Hoping. In solitude. The Sun was going down now. She was feeling cold. She braced herself so she could get warmer. But they had each other to hold and be held by, so they weren’t cold anymore.
And she saw this.
She stayed like that for hours. She was waiting for a kind word. She was waiting for him. But He didn’t come. Not today.
Sometimes he’d come. Others the day just went by, and she stayed there, waiting for him. Because there wasn’t anyone else out there for her. All of them were alien to her. All of them looked down on her, or frowned. She didn’t like living amongst them.
There had been a time, almost a lifetime ago, when she tried to belong. But every time she opened her mouth they laughed, or were just mean. Because they didn’t understand anything she said. So she just stopped trying. And now she never speaks.
The moon was rising, high. There was darkness all around her. But she wasn’t cold anymore. Because she would try again tomorrow.
Tomorrow she’ll come again, she’ll wait, sitting, hoping, waiting for Him.
And He’ll come.
She smiled.~

3 Respuestas a ““See you at the Bitter End.”

  1. She\’s like that. She seems to be a very sad person, but she doesn\’t feel sad. Let\’s say that she can\’t be meassured with the human standars we use.Because she\’s mad. She\’s raving lunatic. And the weird part is that she feels happier than most people she knows.

  2. I thought this felt, I don\’t know, hopeful I guess… sad, but hopeful at the same time… it\’s kinda weird, guess she\’s a freak… a sad, mad, hopeful and happy freak n_n…


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