“It’s on, and being foolish won’t cover up…”

I’ve been wondering about some stuff lately.
After a deep thought I know now why do I enjoy roleplaying games so much, why do they usually make me feel better.
When you make a character for, let’s say, Dungeons, it usually turns out that you’re a nobody who suddenly became a hero, and you get to travel to unknown worlds and do all kinds of exciting things, always fighting in a righteous way (at least most of the time). You do what you want, you protect people, or rob ancient tombs, or defeat unspeakable evils. But there’s never a boring day.
But after all that, you always have to return to your daily routine where you realize the truth.
You ain’t special at all.
You are human, you are mortal, nobody cares about you and you’re gonna die.
You’re gonna keep on doing the same stuff day after day till the day you die.
There’s nothing exciting in your life. You’ll have to work like a slave everyday to live the kind of life you’d like to live, seeing your best years slipping through your fingers, right before your eyes.
And no-one is gonna give a fuck.
You might try to fill your empty life either with hobbies which are gonna get repetitive and you’re gonna end up hating; or with people who is gonna get bored and is gonna leave you behind.
So let’s face it, nobody cares. At least nobody cares enough. You’re gonna end up alone. There’s no "happily ever after" ending, people never change, and you should always expect the worst from everyone. The only way to survive is to never left your guard down.
Immature and unsincere, sour and lonely,
                                         Neko Kain.
(And yeah, I know I’m messed up, this is just a childish way of dealing with my stress, you shouldn’t take any of this seriously, and if you do you’re somewhat stupid, you’re never gonna get laid, and your hair is gonna fall entirely before you’re 25).