Overwhelmed as one would be placed in my position…

My kittie still hasn’t come back. I miss her. But I’m still waiting for her. All her things (her litter box, her bowl of food, the doggies with whom she plays) are still here.
Finished "The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla" by Stephen King. Joe’s gonna lend me "The Dark Tower VI: Susannah Song" tonight.
Need to repaint my hair… probably next week.
My first week on school was neat. New teachers are OK… I don’t really like them, but it could have been worse. I really like school… but I am kinda worried about Social Service, ‘cause it seems that I still need to do like 80 more hours before September the First. I know I won’t be able to do so, but I’m trying. Yesterday I was 9 hours at the office. Today I’m gonna be 5. I am so freaking tired…
Haven’t seen my shrink since the last entry.
Haven’t got my meds.
The End.


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