Sometimes it hurts when you care about me…

My kittie hasn’t come back. I miss her. I miss her so much.
Bought two new Stephen King’s books: "Desperation" (I have already read "The Regulators", they’re written under Backman’s name and are somehow related) and "The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla". I’m reading that one right now.
Repainted my hair. Now it looks more like burgundy or something.
I’m going back to school next monday. Have five new teachers, two I’ve never even heard about. Kinda scary. But I’m excited, it’s my last year.
Last wednesday I went to my weekly appointment with my shrink. She says ‘I strongly believe that Depression occurs when someone is not satisfied with the outcomes of their daily lives. There’s always something that can make you feel unhappy: work, family, affective relationships…’
Then I say ‘PLEASE, cut the crap and hand over the fucking meds!’
The End.
P.S. Have a great weekend.

Una respuesta a “Sometimes it hurts when you care about me…

    Tu analista o psicologa -como tu le llamas- tiene razon, pero tambien existe un componente bioquimico en la depresion, motivo por el cual es necesario aquello que tu pides (medicamentos), siempre y cuando estemos hablando de una depresion mixta… Es posible y
    -seria realmente triste- que alguien mas haya cocinado ya parte del lobulo frontal de tu analista, sin embargo aun le queda una buena porcion…
    Comparto tu tristeza por aquella minina….


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