“Smell the Rot of the Failure!!”

I’ve strong and continuous thoughts about suicide.
Ok, now that I have your attention I must go on: first of all, in this thoughts I never, and I mean NEVER even think about killing myself. Instead, sometimes I like to think a little about those people who are such assholes that can’t cope with life and end up killing themselves.
For starters, you have only ONE LIFE, only one chance to do everything you can, one chance to achieve the greatest goal -or at least this should be the one that matters- in everybody’s life: to be happy. Who cares if you have good looks or lots of money if you’re unhappy?
Everyone should fight to deserve the right to be alive.
There’s an estimated of about 6,499,697,060 people in the world. I think that’s enough. There are people dying, people who do want their lives but have terrible diseases or are starving to death. That’s why I found insulting that someone who has a good life ever considers dying.
So here’s my message to you all: if you have something but don’t want to fight to keep it, then probably you don’t deserve it. If you have this life but don’t want it, then do us all a favor, stop stealing our oxygen. Go fuck yourself, and then die.
Of course that’s the easy way out. What I might recommend -if you have the guts- is that you actually start trying to enjoy your life the way it is. So you’re fat? There’s probably fatter people than you. You ugly? Who cares? Sure you have a charming personality. Stop moaning and bitching, start realizing the great person you actually are, and most important, fight for your life!! Earn it!
Two more things you should always keep in mind:
1. There’s always another way out. Try talking with those who care about you. And don’t say there’s none. There’s always someone who cares for you.
2. If you’re reading this, that probably means I know you. So if you feel down, you know how to reach me. I’m here for you if you need me.
This entry has been delayed for quite a while, I had this idea after watching a real life video about this guy who put a bomb under the driver seat on his own car, and all the police around him trying to convince him not to turn on the car, and this went on until the guy finally turned on the fucking car and killed himself, not without causing some damages to buildings and a lot to the good cops who so stupidly tried to save him to no avail.
Happy monday.

10 Respuestas a ““Smell the Rot of the Failure!!”

  1. Don\’t you just hate thesefucking  moaners?
    I also wsh they\’d find something to do with their lives, even if it\’s offing their dumb selves, just so we don\’t have to hear their holes any more.
    I say goodb-ye to them. And good fucking riddance.

  2. Cada vida es un universo de posibilidades. La ídea de que nuestra vida es inmutable y totalmente fuera de nuestro control es una ilusión. Si cada vida ofrece una oportunidad (o miles de millones) ¿cómo vamos a saber en que va a acabar si se sale de la pelicula a media escena? Leí en un libro que algun cantante o escritor o alguien no se había quitado la vida porque era fan del baseball y bno quería perderse de los siguientes partidos. Sino necesariamente un deporte, ¿porqué no algo más? Yo por mi parte espero (y considerando la longevidad caracteristica de mi familia creo que lo conseguire) vivir cuando menos cien años y ver el avance de la humanidad. Soy demasiado curioso como para irme antes.

    La vida es importante, no la dejen tan pronto, ni la arrebaten. ¡¡Saludos y perdon por el speech moral!!

  3. I think perhaps your entry about suicidal behaviour is a touch insensitive.. and even a little ignorant. There a pleanty of people who whine on and on about being ooooh so depressed and life sucks, and i cut myself because it makes me cool, i\’m gonna go and paint my room black now and write poetry about how bad my life is.
    There are however, people who are handed an awful lot in life that they find it very difficult to cope with. Without any support from thier family or friends, this can build up and up until you think that the only good thing you can really do for the world is remove yourself from it.
    I have never tried to kill myself in any serious way, i have however cried for help when i was younger. Now i am on anti-depressants every day of my life and that keep me normal and happy like most people. Before i had the guts to go and get myself sorted out i was sad all the time, everthing seemed as if it was going to be really difficult to do, and when i did it no one would care that i had. Waking up in the morning was difficult as i just wanted to sleep all the time, and going into school was hard because i didn\’t feel as if i belonged anyway, not even in my own home.
    Depression really isn\’t something to ridicule, its extremely debilitating, and being someone who suffers from this but manages it, its the worst part of my life. 
    My cousin\’s father died and she was adopted by her step father. She lived with the rest of the family but was never excepted as one of them. She got very little attention as a child and was ignored by her grandparents because she did not belong. As she grew older she turned her attentions towards having a child of her own so that even though she felt neglected herself she could love a child and be loved in return. She was very young when she married her husband and her mother had recently died of a brain hemorage (my aunt). She had very little money and when she realised that it would take her in excess of 5 years to earn enough to look after her child properly, she parked in her garage and attached a hose pipe the the exhaust, closed the car window around the pipe and lay in the car until she died.
    I don\’t think that she wasted our oxygen by complaining, i think she was a very sad and lonely woman that was deeply scarred by the way she was treated as a child. I wish that she had stayed alive that that i could have helped her myself, but i was too young at the time to do anything. In a way i am glad she is dead because she is no longer suffering, but i certainly hold no hostility towards her.
    At the end of the day it was her life to do as she wished with, i just wish that other people had given her the time of day and helped her through her sadness, instead of ignoring her, and then being angry at her death.
    Perhaps you should think a little about why it angers you so much that they die.

  4. Metere mi cuchara una vez mas en este tema tan delicado. Estoy deacuerdo contigo Rena-san en que las personas que han llegado a esa desición deben haber tenido un fuerte motivo para dar ese último paso. Nadie hace nada sin un motivo, ni los locos aunque no comprendamos sus acciones no quiere decir que no tengan una razón de ser. Sin embargo, tambien creo que el ser humano puede ser lo suficientemente fuerte como para superar cualquier obstaculo o dolor.
    El dolor es temporal, las consecuencias de nuestros actos (buenos o malos) pueden hacer eco hasta el infinito. ¿No crees que alguien que a superado dichas dificultades regresa como un ser humano más fuerte y más despierto? ¿No crees que incluso esa persona terminaría apreciando la vida más que cualquiera de nosotros que nunca hemos estado en un punto tan critico?
    Ojala y vuelvas a checar esta entrada y puedas ver estas palabras (no sé si sabes españos, por lo que sé podrias ser de Estados Unidos), pero para ti o cualquiera que sienta se han acabado todas las opciones menos una quiero que recuerden que nada esta escrito. Nuestro destino es NUESTRO para cambiarlo como queramos y con o sin ayuda, se puede salir adelante. El esfuerzo puede ser colosal, pero sin duda vale la pena. Diganme ¿acaso conocen algo mejor que vivir?

  5. There will always be weak and strong people.
    Weak people buckle under enough stress, while strong people don\’t. It\’s that simple.
    Anything else we might have to add around this very basic concept will most likely be our personal perceptions of each particualr event and situation, and that may be fine, but it will in no way change anything.
    Strong people don\’t kill themselves, cut themselves for attention or "cry for help". They engage their problems and solve them.

  6. Hi everyone, I\’m glad there\’s controversy over this entry. That was my purpose over all.
    Hello there, Rena, I\’m really glad you decided to look around, this place can get boring at times and I really appreciate new opinions. Though I like the usual ones as well ;).
    My entry was exactly aimed to the kind of people you mention on your first paragraph, I was specially speaking about those persons who have a great life and couldn\’t ask for something better but still they whine.
    I\’ve the firm conviction about not talking about something I don\’t know before hand. I mean, I\’VE BEEN THERE AS WELL, and I don\’t think is something pretty. When I was on highschool I was living the same you mention, but I was lucky, I had the fortune to meet someone who cared enough for me and pull me out.
    What I was saying is that there\’s always another way. You don\’t have to silently suffer or to live on with depression, there\’s always SOMEONE to whom you can reach for help. Of course is better if the person who wants to help you is family or friend, but even when is not that way there are lots of suicide hotlines, or centers for the youth where you can make friends or just get a concerned voice, someone who will care.
    The difference is if you want to live and get help, and understand everyone is a unique and important human being, then you\’re gonna try to live no matter what, to get "sorted out" as you say. But if those persons are so blind they can\’t see this, probably they\’re not trying hard enough and they deserve what they get. Probably, as Rossell says, they\’re not strong enough.
    And you\’re wrong, is not exactly that it angers me, is more like it disappoints me, and then I don\’t care. As you said, they\’re their lives to do as they wish with.
    Life is such a miracle, everyone\’s lucky to be alive, even if they didn\’t ask for it or for the way they\’re living right now. The way you lead your life is yours only, and it depends on you if you feel happy with what you have or with who you are.
    Sorry for any redaction mistake.

  7. Hi again Neko,
    I agree with what you say mostly, but there is already a lot of pressure of people who feel that suicide is thier best option, feeling disapointed in them only adds to this.
    There is a lot of bad feeling surrounding suicide and all it serves to do is to isolate the people who need help the most. Instead of being angry or disapointed we need to listen to them and find out what they need.
    I personally have no time for people who play with the idea of suicide, it is too serious a subject to immitate for attention. Far too many people do it as they realise it is a quick and easy way to get a lot of attention. These people really do anger me, so i try my best to ignore them entirely.
    Although i see where you are comming from i can\’t help but feel you are a little hard about it. Part of being depressed is feeling as if there is absolutely no one that can help you, and another part of being depressed is being so tired and upset that you can\’t just pull yourself out of it because you dont have the energy. Myself, it was only when i started to get better that i had the energy to ask for some help.
    People who feel suicidal often do feel as if there is no one to talk to because they dont feel as if they are important enough to bother anyone about thier problems. Because of this they suffer in silence just as i did.
    Perhaps a little compassion rather than the damnation that everyone finds it so easy to hand out. There really is no reason for us as a society to hate and ridicule thee people so much, they feel bad enough as it is.

    Hablar de suicidio es hablar de depresion, son temas tan complicados…..En  el juego del suicidio participan muchos factores que llevan a la persona a este tipo de actos, pero el factor principal es, quiza, un episodio de depresion mayor.  Y no me estoy refiriendo a sentirse triste o derrotado, o sin ganas de vivir, NO!. Estoy hablando del componenete bioquimico que conlleva la Depresion, el desajuste de los sistemas dopaminergico, de noradrenalina y serotoninergico, entendiendose de esta manera que no solo es cuestion de "estar triste" o "ser debil o no", no se trata de eso, es cuestion fisiopatologica, entendamos pues que existe un proceso morbido en este tipo de situaciones, proceso del cual aun nos queda mucho por saber
    EL RONIN… no pidas perdon por expresar lo que sientes……


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