“Some say we’ll see Armaggedon soon… certainly I hope we will.”

I’m 21. I’ve lived outside my familiar home in another country without knowing anyone else for around nine or ten months. While it’s true that I returned to my home and am still living with my parents who pay school and food and every one of my little creature comforts, I hate being treated as a child.
Sometimes I wonder if I am behaving that way, but all I can say is that there’s no needle stuck in my arm, or some abortion weighting in my conscience. I go out at half past five in the morning, while it’s still dark, to go to school, which is on the other side of the city, and then go to do my social service, and come back home to eat something and fall almost immediatly asleep at around 10 p.m. Repeat ad nauseaum from monday to friday.
All I ask is some time for myself. I don’t even care if I’m too tired, there are two things I can’t give up: reading a little bit, and my boyfriend.
Once again, I don’t give a F*CK if my parents don’t approve our relationship, it’s me, not them, who’ll have to deal with every consequence, good or otherwise. It’s a pity if they cannot see beyond their very cultured noses, but I am really happy.

3 Respuestas a ““Some say we’ll see Armaggedon soon… certainly I hope we will.”

  1. Thanks for dropping in to the Salon.
    I hope we DON\’T see Armageddon soon. Call me set in my ways, but I look forward to a nice hot bath in foamy water at the end of a long day – not in blood. It\’s sticky, it stains, it\’s hell to get out of your ears.
    Take care – and don\’t worry: We all grow up and leave our parents behind some time or another. And that\’s when the shit really hits the fan…  So put the knife DOWN, Neko – no matricide tonight!

  2. Se que no soy nadie para hablar sobre problemas familires de ese tipo, pero lo que te puedo decir es esto: No olvides que apesar de todo, ellos te siguen queriendo y desean lo mejor para ti, el problema es que posiblemente no se dan cuenta que lo mejor es que TU empiezes a tomar tus propias desiciones y vivir con las consecuencias, cualesquieran que sean. Tampoco debes olvidar algo que es triste, pero es cierto: no siempre van a estar contigo y conosco a muchos, incluyendo mi propio padre, que desearían tener cinco minutos con sus padres; no permitas que todo acabe con rencor, porque te arrepentiras por el resto de tu vida.
    Sabes que cuentas con un Joe. Cuidate. 

  3. Dear Ma\’am:
    Oh… but I just had gotten the balls to finally do it! Why should you be so rationally right? Maybe is the voice of experience… nah, those are just the voices in my head, but thanks for the advise.
    Dear Joe:
    First of all, of course you are someone! You\’re one of my best friends, and partly the voice of my conscience as well. I\’m grateful you\’re there for me, and I concurr, I don\’t like to fight with my parents, but aparently my mother is keen on it. But everything will work out, in a couple of years I\’m out of here and Hello Madrid!! Hugs. Kisses.
    N. K.


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